Who We Are

A recently established growing company.

Since 2003 Bagan Immobiliare, set up by two siblings of an old Milanese family, Marco Fabio and Marella, has been in the real-estate business.

Marco Fabio, a long time resident of Brera, lived through the transformation of the area and understands the enormous potential and the unquestioned charm of Milan’s traditional architecture.

With his in-depth knowledge of the area, Marco Fabio constantly goes in search of “traditional Milanese” properties in order to provide the company’s clientèle with a much broader selection of up-market real-estate.

Marella, specialized in interior design, puts her sophisticated touch on the carefully selected properties.

The final result is a harmoniously balanced mix that blends the characteristics of traditional Milanese buildings with modern and sophisticated design.

The same harmony characterises Bagan, the majestic Burmese city the company is named after. 1000 years ago Bagan was the reference point of architecture, art and religion in South-East Asia.

A city symbol of creativity and refined taste in construction that Marella and Marco Fabio have adopted as their company brand, completing the logo with the image of a tiger. In Burmese culture this animal represents cordiality and hospitality.

As customers you will find these two characteristics in the prestige of our properties and the high quality service offered by this young real-estate business dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers.

Who We Are